Detroit: After the Fire

A report by Loveland Technologies

Between January 1st and July 31st 2015 more than 1,600 properties across Detroit suffered a structure damaging fire. The effects of each of these fires were evaluated by Loveland Technologies surveyors. Properties that were occupied homes at the time of the fire were revisited several months later to evaluate whether the residences were under repair or abandoned.

Presented here is a report detailing the impact of seven months worth of fire in Detroit. All data collected in the effort to produce this report is available here for download and reuse.

LOVELAND will continue surveying fires throughout the rest of 2015. As new fires occur, numbers on this page will update along with data in the map linked to below.

Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus
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2,938 Structure Damaging Fires Surveyed

2015 Live Totals & Damage Levels

543 Collapsed
850 Major
559 Moderate
787 Minor