Detroit: After the Auction

A report by Loveland Technologies


Nearly one in six occupied homes that entered the 2014 Wayne County Tax Foreclosure Auction is now vacant — just under 1,000 properties.

For five years, Loveland Technologies has tracked Detroit properties that enter the tax foreclosure auction. Each year we try to deepen our understanding of tax foreclosure and its impact on the city.

In 2015 we sought to answer one of the most important questions for Detroit and its declining population — what happens to occupied homes that go through tax foreclosure?

We resurveyed 5,800 homes that were occupied at the time of last year's auction with the goal of seeing how many remained occupied one year later. Check out our findings in the Story Map, explore the full results in Regrid map below, learn more from the photo gallery and survey video, and download the survey data or a neighborhood summary.

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