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Owner information in California

California state law effectively prohibits counties from sharing owner names, so we are not able to provide that information in many places.

102 Data Attributes:

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Data Field Coverage

Owner Name 98%
Mailing Address 98%
Parcel Address 97%
Object ID 100%
FIPS Code 100%
Source Agent 0%
Parcel ID 98%
Parcel ID without Formatting 98%
First Alternative Parcel ID 0%
Second Alternative Parcel ID 0%
Third Alternative Parcel ID 0%
Parcel Use Code 0%
Parcel Use Description 0%
Zoning Code 97%
Zoning Description 0%
Structure on Parcel 0%
Multiple Structures on Parcel 0%
Number of Structures on Parcel 0%
Structure Year Built 0%
Number of Stories 0%
Number of Units 0%
Structure Style 0%
Parcel Value Type 0%
Improvement Value 98%
Land Value 98%
Total Parcel Value 98%
Agricultural Value 0%
Last Sale Price 0%
Last Sale Date 0%
Annual Tax Bill 0%
Tax Year 0%
Owner Type 0%
Owner First Name 0%
Owner Last Name 0%
Second Owner Name 14%
Third Owner Name 0%
Fourth Owner Name 0%
Subsurface Owner 0%
Subsurface Owner Type 0%
Mailing Address Second Line 0%
Mailing Address Care Of 10%
Mailing Address Street Number 0%
Mailing Address Street Prefix 0%
Mailing Address Street Name 0%
Mailing Address Street Type 0%
Mailing Address Street Suffix 0%
Mailing Address Unit Number 0%
Mailing Address City 98%
Mailing Address State 98%
Mailing Address ZIP Code 98%
Mailing Address Country 0%
Mailing Address Urbanizacion (Puerto Rico) 0%
Parcel Address Second Line 0%
Parcel Address Number 95%
Parcel Address Prefix 6%
Parcel Address Street Name 97%
Parcel Address Street Type 93%
Parcel Address Street Suffix 0%
Parcel Address Unit 3%
Parcel Address City 100%
Original Parcel Address 97%
US Census County Subdivision 100%
Parcel Address County 100%
Parcel Address State 100%
Parcel Address Zip Code 100%
Parcel Urbanizacion 0%
Location Name 0%
Primary Address Source 100%
Legal Description 0%
Plat 0%
Book 0%
Page 0%
Block 0%
Lot 0%
Neighborhood 0%
Subdivision 0%
Latitude 100%
Longitude 100%
Federal Qualified Opportunity Zone 100%
Qualified Opportunity Zone Tract Number 2%
Census 2020 Tract 100%
Census 2020 Block 100%
Census 2020 Blockgroup 100%
Source Document Reference 0%
Source Document Date 0%
Last County Refresh Date 100%
Source URL 0%
Recorded Area (text) 0%
Total Square Footage of Structures 0%
County-Provided Acres 0%
County-Provided Parcel Square Feet 0%
Regrid Calculated Parcel Acres 100%
Regrid Calculated Parcel Square Feet 100%
PLSS Township 99%
PLSS Section 98%
PLSS Range 99%
Date of Last Revision 0%
Parcel Path 100%
Stable ID Status 98%
Regrid UUID 100%
Parcel Stack UUID 0%
Updated At 100%

Premium field coverage

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Homestead Exemption 98%
Regrid Calculated Total Address Count 99%
Regrid Calculated Building Footprint Square Feet 96%
Regrid Calculated Building Count 100%
Cropland Data Layer Raw Values 1%
Cropland Data Layer Majority Category 1%
Cropland Data Layer Majority Percent 1%
Cropland Data Layer Date 1%
Regrid Right-of-Way Parcel Flag 0%
USPS Delivery Point Validation 97%
Delivery Point Validation Codes 93%
Delivery Point Validation Notes 97%
Delivery Point Match Type 93%
CASS Error Codes 97%
Residential Delivery Indicator 93%
USPS Vacancy Indicator 93%
USPS Vacancy Indicator Date 97%
PAD-US Public Access Designation 0%
Land Use Code: Activity 76%
Land Use Code Description: Activity 76%
Land Use Code: Function 76%
Land Use Code Description: Function 76%
Land Use Code: Structure 69%
Land Use Code Description: Structure 69%
Land Use Code: Site 76%
Land Use Code Description: Site 76%
Land Use Code: Ownership 98%
Land Use Code Description: Ownership 98%

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